Frozen meat trade leader in Northwest Russia

The company "Myasoprodukt" is considered to be one of the wholesale trade leaders of frozen meat (e.g. pork, beef, lamb, poultry) both domestic and foreign production in the North-West of Russia.

The company "Myasoprodukt" has been successfully working for over 10 years.
During this period our company has established mutual cooperation with major meat processing factories and retail dealers of northern Russia.

"Myasoprodukt" has its own storehouse with low-temperature refrigerators.

We are deeply interested into mutually beneficial collaboration with our present partners as well as establishing connections with new suppliers.
We assume responsibility for customs clearance and transportation on the territory of Russia.

If you have any suggestions please contact the procurement department.

tel: +7 8172 55 97 70
fax: +7 8172 55-97-66